Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing is a form of motor boat sports racing. The races here are composed of powerboat owners and drivers who race against other people in their boats. The races here can be informally arranged or can be part of an organised amateur or professional circuit. Professional races will usually involve the use of specially designed and constructed powerboats whilst other races may simply involve standard models.

The best known type of powerboat racing is probably the Formula 1 series. This series is a grand prix type of event that pits powerboats against each other on circuits all over the world. Another well known form of powerboat racing of this type of champboat racing. Professional powerboat drivers will usually need to have a specialist license and training before they can participate in events.

Many people who own larger types of powerboats will also take part in a variety of amateur racing events such as offshore powerboating races. The boats here are different to standard small powerboats as these are usually larger ocean going capable vessels. There are various kinds of powerboat racing options here - most will be arranged around a specific style or size of boat but the races here may have a lot of different class races going on over the same course at the same time.